Oct 22, 2014

The true test of love.

“How different this moment feels, for so many reasons. I tell myself that no two loves are identical - but that I don't have to compare anymore.”
My first book for this long semester break! It has been a long time.... since my last read. phew. Somehow, it is quite weird to think that how can I manage to read more during my foundation years compared to now. How can a science student has time to read novels more that a business student ? Haha. -Perhaps, she has no life that time. The only world that she knew were the thick biology book & yes, novels :)

Love The One You're With by Emily Griffin. My sister bought this book for me a long time ago, but I just had chance to read it these past few days (I have no much time to read before this, please believe. hehe). I don't know how much stars should I rate for this book. Basically, this novel discussed a situation which most of people have been. Ellen who wondered if her husband, Andy, was really her soul-mate. A chance to encounter with her ex-boyfriend, Leo, gave Ellen a small glimpse into the relationship they could have had and suddenly made her question why she broke up with him. & here, the drama begins. 

Sometimes, Ellen just stressed me out. She had a lot of thinking, but the way she always kept everything inside and never talk to Andy about her true feelings was very maddening. Ah, out of sudden I feel like I 'm reading myself here. haha. But for sure, I hate Leo. Any real man who genuinely cared for her would have left her alone instead of putting her in dilemma. I mean, she is somebody's wife already and you have nothing related to her anymore. Go and get your own life! (emo. haha). 
In the end, I 'm glad finally Ellen can think straight and stick to Andy. Andy was too cool. How sweet he was when he went to NY by himself to find his wife. I cried a little inside :( This reminds me to my best friend's question once, if there 's any circumstance comes to us one day, will you defend this relationship ? ............

After all, Love the One You’re With is a story that goes straight to the heart of what it means to love and be loved, and to find a way to live with difficult choices. So, have you encounter things like this in your life ? How did you settle your feelings ? Let's share.


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