Aug 25, 2011

Losing effective-ness

How many times were you at home, bored out of your mind, and at the same time feeling sleepy?

Sleepiness is on many occasions associated with boredom. And this is why people lose effectiveness. No matter how fun something is, do it long enough and you’ll get bored. The best way to avoid it is to break the routine. -Copied this from one website on the internet, so truuueee! When was the last time you tried something new ?

It has been a while, yes seriously. As long as I can remember, I do not like to try new food (prefer to eat what I already know I like) -Admit, I found myself happy doing all the same things day after day, but out of a sudden, I realised, sampai bila ? Hihi. No matter how fun something is, do it long enough and you 'll get bored. Can't deny, can't deny anymore.


Well, actually I am not afraid to try something new. In fact, I 'm often eager. I just tried baking, cooking something easy, even sewing and doing crochet (These two parts, are the most difficult. Half way- doing. Haha). Of course, trying new things require a lot of courage (I am not into all these things before. huhu). The spirit to try new things is synonymous to the spirit of self- improvement. -Dr. Lickerman. So so, what are you waiting for ? Let's live the life to the fullest everyone. Have fun! :)


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