Mar 22, 2011

Home, is where you can say anything you please :)

There is nothing so pleasant as coming home again

Hello! Now, I am in Kelantan, home sweet home - a place which is definitely a lot more than just a roof, windows, and door since yesterday. Well, just finished my foundation programme (Alhamdulillah, finally), and going to have a long long holiday, at least until to the end of August, before pursuing my degree. Yaww! :)


Teringat di saat kita tertawa bersama
Ceritakan semua tentang kita

Er. I am missing my friends there. My housemates, classmates, and everyone. How I miss our time making prank to each other. Haha! And, yes! The model is included in the category of the person that I miss the most too. Hihi

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