Feb 22, 2011

I want you to know that I am trying

Too many pressures demand on me

The major source of stress has come. Tough exam tests, pop quiz(es), and group presentation are a few of other challenges that us encounter during the final weeks, which leading up to finals. Haih, one thing that I know is I am not alone. Everyone experiences the stress at this time. Nasib lah labu.

Sometimes, simply talk out loud can be a powerful method to cope with the stress. And, I am typing this short entry to tell everyone that I am under pressure, and to let you know that I am trying. I 'm trying to survive until the end knot. Yeaaa, I know, no solutions are created. But, at least, I am feeling better right now. :)

Anyone, feels the same thing right now? Swirl your hand everyone! Hihi (Penangan Kak Limah tak habis- habis. haha)

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