Jan 19, 2011

Taare Zamen Par, Stars On The Ground

Every children has their unique skills, capabilities, and dreams

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( Style kan rambut Aamir Khan. Ahah

Taare Zameen Par is not just a hindustan movie, it is entertaining. I can't control my tears, cried all the way watching this movie ( Mia too! Haha ) :)

This movie is all about Ishaan whose world is filled with wonders. No one seems to appreciate him. Adults are more interested in serious things like homework and marks. He just cannot get anything right in class. He is packed off to a boarding school as his parents think that they can't handle him anymore. Things are no different. In fact, he experienced trauma of separation from his family.

Don't send me to places which is very far away
A place where you can't even remember me

You know everything, my Ma

Oh by the way, you don’t get to see Aamir in the first half. Aamir arrives in the last scene. Now there are reasons to smile. It is very interesting to see how Aamir tried to help the little boy. I love the song that plays when Ishaan's parents left him. It is very emotional. Haih. Do yourselves a favour, watch this movie everyone!

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