Nov 23, 2010

Gadis - gadis Kota Riyadh

Aku menulis tentang gadis- gadis temanku. Setiap orang ada cerita sendiri, bandingkan ceritanya dengan ceritaku

Little children headache; big children, heartache

This novel is interesting, thanks Mia!

Raja Alsanea did a great job writing the book. This novel is about four girls from the origin of Saudi Arabia who lives in the upscale city of Riyadh. They are bound by family, tradition and culture in determining the spouse. In matters of love and marriage, the family has a power to determine their respective partner. Rails lines of ethnicity and family history are the major factors in determining a mate for their children.

Bila ada yang mahukan kita, jiwa kita menolaknya
Bila pula kita mahukan seseorang, takdir menolaknya dari kita

The plot is developed further by telling the stories of romantic disappointment girls named Lamees, Sadeem, Gamrah and Michelle. The story of forbidden love, love without parental consent, marriage and divorce a month after the various conflicts are successfully explored by Raja Alsanea. The ending is not a happy ending but at least, it is the best thing happen to the four main characters in the novel. :)

What's wrong with teenagers today?

After reading this novel, I asked myself with the question above. It's so sad how quickly youngsters are growing up these days. In the mean time, scary! I wonder how the lives of my children will be one day, how fast will they grow up? *risau*

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