May 31, 2009

To have a boyfriend or not?

All of a sudden it seemed like all my friends were starting to have boyfriends. Last year, when we talked on the phone, we had talked about all kinds of stuff but now, every conversation was all, "My boyfriend this and that". And, I had nothing to contribute. Haih

As for me, it is very okay to not have a special boyfriend. It is a personal choice. Well, I'd rather not deal with the jealousy, heartbreak, and craziness. All I want right now, is to have more friends and hanging out together with them. In fact, being single means that I can crush on anyone I like without feeling the slightest bit guilty. Hehe ;) *pengusha bebas berjaya*.

I'm not going to be pressured into doing something that I'm not ready to do. It's just way better to be a boyfriend have- not! Right now, I want to concentrate on growing and having fun all the time!


  1. salam..keep on this road..there were no boyfriend in is just same like husband..there were only couple after marriage..btw...check on the meaning of surah israa' ayat 32 and surah nur ayat 30-31...then u maybe will understand me..4 more info..check on my fs..i write already about couple in islam..u may read it..insya ALLAH...btw..gud luck Detc. Karl 250 (

  2. oh. yurp, that 's one of the reason I have no special boyfriend yet ;) uwm, btw thanks for dropping by. Please. pray for my success

  3. Insya fs blog already deleted by just follow this link now on..
    Insya ALLAh..biiz nillah...anti min mutafauwiqun fi imtihan..




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