Dec 21, 2015

Instant skill.

Instant skill needed: Video editing skill

Oh God, how did I get here. I am so terrible with computer and video T___T When my entrepreneur lecturer assigned us to do an individual video project, I have started to worry. I have no skill in doing this, and I have always run from this job. To tell you the truth, I have never do the video editing part. I paid my friends during the diploma years to do the assignment (Of course, the concept and idea were all originally from me), and the video projects last semester were all done by another friend (He has the skill. I have the idea. So we are in the win-win position, isn't it?). Hehe. Well, I manage to run, so far. Seems not this time.

My last option ? Of course, Amirah the genius. I know, I should not suppose to disturb her, she is having her SPM now. But, I am totally desperate. The submission date is within 3 days, & I don't know who can I ask for help. I did make deal with one friend before this, but his laptop, unfortunately broke down. Huaaaaaa!! Why now!! After all, Amirah agrees to help (she has no right to decline, actually) with one condition: She will only monitor my work. I have to do it on my own. huhu. We started the recording part since three days ago. We recorded all the scenes using Imovie and edit it there before transferred the video  to the laptop to  be edited with power director (The hardest part).

Sneak peek of my entrepreneur video. Wuhuu, after nearly 2 days, it is almost done! Amirah has started to feel bored, she needs to stop her study to just only teach me; click here, click there. Drag this here & there. haha (Please understand me, I am soooo slow at IT thingy!!) My video is not that boom. But, I am quite satisfied because it is my first video-editing ever! I am really hoping there will be no other video assignments after this. It tortures me very much T______T


Sisters for life! Thank you!!

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