Sep 11, 2015

New game plan

Ah, it is nice to be back (No, not really. Haha). Returning to college after a long holiday is one of the hardest thing to do (Yet it still has to be done T__T). You know what I did in order to ease my way back to campus ? Take an extra day before the college started. I always do this. I like to think this spare day as "hari ambil mood", so that I can reacquaint with my routines. Meanwhile, some people are happier taking the red-eye home and going immediately back to class. phew! How stronger they are (A does this. haha).

This is my fourth semester here, in Kedah. Last semester ended smoothly for me (Although it was quite chaotic and tough at first). My result is just as expected. I got all As except for my Personal Finance. It really ruineeeed my transript! This semester will be tougher, I guess. People say fourth semester is when the real challenge is truly begins.With four courses that are all 4 cred hours, and three extra university requirement courses, I really want to cry! :( For the first time, I have actually worried about not passing the exams and classes (It has been a long time since I last felt like this). 

My degree life is totally different with what I experienced in Machang back then. I am not involved in the students government here & have more ample time to enjoy on myself. I too, not really sure whether my choice for not joining any extra university activity is true or not, but the environment here seems so not welcoming; which makes me feel un-needed (Still, I participate a lot in the class. I was the assistant manager of the last semester's class project).

I have thinking to change a bit regarding my study strategy in order to survive this new semester. If in the previous semester, I tended to follow almost everything on what other people sayings and rarely did my own decisions, this time I am going to be more strict on my life-plans (I am really hoping that I can do this. I am too kind to turn down people's offer, but I can't hide my true feelings especially when I am feeling uncomfortable with people. Yes so complicated yes!!). To tell you truth, I was quite pressured last semester, and I am so glad to receive all the good grades. At least, my existence will be recognized (a little now). hehe. Another two semesters to go, I can't wait for everything to finish. Come faster, time!!

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