Jun 14, 2015

Dead week

Week 14.

Examination week is coming in another two weeks :( This is my first time to sit for degree final exam and I am quite nervous for it. I hate this feeling. As I am typing this entry, my mind is sooo busy thinking of the assignments that have yet to be settled, final assesments that are all half-way done, video that is still not compiled, three tests that I have to face (I haven't finish reading them, of course), presentations, and bla bla. Astaghfirullah, banyaknya kerja!

"Why are you so serious?"

"Idk. Just go do your work, busy man".


This part is the worst. It affects my emotions! It is hard to say where it started, but it certainly has something to do with my tight schedule. I plan to write since last few days. But, I think my IQ shrunk about thirty points from normal. I did almost everything wrong. And, of course A gets to taste my cranky mood. The closest target. hehe. A is so cool, you know. Sometimes, I get so jealous with him. How can he manages to stay calm with all the datelines? huh.

As cramping all the emotions in my head seems cannot settle all the problems, I decided to have me-time on the prayer mat just now. Usually I would go to A too, but.... since I have chased him to do his work... (I have to save my face) hehe.

This life is a test for the hereafter.

"[He] who created death and life to test you [as to] which of you is best in deed - and He is the Exalted in Might, the Forgiving" (Al-Mulk:2)

I am so worry about the upcoming final exam. Until, I forget that the the real test that will be held in the hereafter. Astaghfirullah. Questions strike into my head one after another. If only with the final examinations on the earth, we have started to freak out, how about the tests in the hereafter ? If only we can stay awake just for final examination, how can we do nothing for that tests ? After all, these tests are nothing much to be compared with the one that we are going to face up there.


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