Jan 7, 2015

Kitchen fairy

"Heyyyy you are doing nothing all day todayyy"
"Can't you come and help me in the kitchen bla blaaaa"


"Take my handphone, & check the screenshot pictures"
"That recipe looked very simple. You can do that"

I was having a me-time with my laptop when Mom started her nagging *Sesh, can't really see I am freeee* Being a good daughter...... I went to her & asked her what she wanted me to do. And, you know the rest of the story. Oh man! I can wash the dishes, I can help to keep the kitchen clean (I even mastered this one), but coo-ki-ng ? Hm. You know, I rarely cook (Everyone knows Fety. pfft). How can we say about this.. Everyone has their strengths & weakness. & this is a real fact that everyone should accept (HAHA. What a good excuse!).

Well, since Mom is being so helpful (How kind is she to save all the recipes for her daughter. ha ha), I decided to try it out. I took all the ingredients out of the fridge, and started to do as the instructions told me. Looking at the recipe...... I filled the bowl with hot water.. Of course, with a crazy imagination in my head (Wow, Fety can really cook etc etc)......... Until Mom came to me and asked again what was I really doing.


"That recipe told you to MASAK dengan air, bukan MASUKKAN air"


Crap!! I am so dead!! HAHA. It was funny, though. I really don't have patience at cooking. That is probably the biggest problem of mine. I did read the recipe, with only a quick glance. haha. Back to the recipe, Mom took charge in repairing the breakdown that I had made, & taaa daaaa it was done in 15 minutes. My Mom is really the kitchen fairy! ;D 



I pass making this one! *flip hair*


  1. Ok, the cost is bla bla, no delivery, depends on the mood nak terima ke tak order hikhik

  2. That makes it easier, because I thought it depends on the fairy. Hiwhiwhiw




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