Feb 9, 2011

Enjoy-ing bus trip? Huh

Last Monday, I went back to my campus by bus. Generally, I hate long journey. There is nothing much that I can do. Plus, stucked in traffic and not going anywhere, increases my anxiety levels. Huh

Travelling in a long journey, you are advised to find a friend to go along with you. Rather than be frustrated, you can turn the time into productive way, do have a good conversation with the one who you travelling with, so, you don't feel it is a lost time ( Haha. in my case, he sleeps as good as he sleeps on the bed. Haih ).

Safely arrived after about eleven hours journey. Literally exhausted *phew*

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Selamat sampai ke denstinasi dituju, terima kasih Pak Sani! :)

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