Apr 18, 2010

The feeling,

Just wondering is this normal ? Or am I really behind?
Let me tell you, clearly (This is what I feel right now. Want a better respond? Go and approach somebody else). As for me, I think finding someone just for the sake of being in a relationship is not a good idea.
A healthy relationship can only happen when both people are ready and feel complete within themselves. And, I 'm not ready yet. Sorry (Seriously, have to be phisycally and mentally prepared in order to upgrade the status).
Don't you think that I 'm giving chances to you right now? I 'm giving you a chance to enjoy your single life. Spend time doing things that interests you. Well, I like you. I'm not lying. And I 'm very happy with this kind of friend relationship.
To go further, I don't think I can afford it. I 'm sorry. I 'm dealing with my principle. And I 'm not going to ruin it just because of the small matter that I, myself not sure enough. I 'm sorry. When the time is right, then maybe we can start it all over again!
Kau tak tahu perasaan ku
Dan ku tak mahu kau tahu
Dudukkanlah hati anda pada kerusinya, nescaya kebanyakan hal yang dikhuatirkan tidak akan terjadi. Dan sebelum yang anda cemaskan itu benar- benar terjadi, perkirakan saja apa yang paling buruk darinya, dan kemudian persiapkan diri anda untuk menghadapinya dengan tenang hati. -La Tahzan, Dr. Aidh bin A Al- Qarni

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